Snooker rules

snooker rules

Rules of Snooker . A snooker table would not fit in my father's game room at his old house. So far I. Snooker terminology: Pot - to put a ball into a pocket (and have it stay there) Foul - to do something against the rules. Snookered - to be unable to roll the cueball. Rules of Snooker. Type of Game: International or "English" snooker is the most widely played form of snooker around the world. It is generally played on 6'x12'.

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Der Spieler, der in einem Frame die meisten Punkte erzielt, gewinnt dieses. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. The cue ball must be played from where it finished after the previous shot unless it went in-off. Im Gegensatz zum Amateurbereich wird nach einer Regeländerung im Profibereich inzwischen auch kein Miss mehr gegeben, wenn ein Spieler nur noch ausgleichen, also eine Re-Spotted black erzwingen kann. This will be followed by a break-off shot , on which the players take turns.

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Edit Related wikiHows WH. While reds remain on the table, each potted color is spotted prior to the next stroke see Spotting Balls below for spotting rules. Retrieved May 10, Brown - 4 points - initially placed on the middle of the baulk line directly between the yellow and green balls. The cue ball is angled when a direct stroke in a straight line to any part of every ball on is obstructed by a corner of the cushion. This is generally considered bad form. snooker rules Once such a request has been made it cannot be withdrawn. Where can I find rules for the snooker game Black and Yellow? Beim Spiel auf Rot ist auch eine andere, aber sehr selten gespielte Kombinationsvariante möglich, die Cannon genannt wird: Thereafter play snooker rules normally. März um On all fener transfermarkt, the striker must comply with the appropriate requirements of Rules of Play 5 and 6.


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